Michigan Organic Tree Care


Once landscapers have completed their major projects it is our job to focus on plant health and vigor to keep everything strong and vibrant. Through proper diagnosis and attention to plants needs, we specialize in dialing in the right solution to your site specific needs without full term programs that involve 7-12 visits a year as many tree companies desire. We strive to meet our client’s expectations by lisening to their concerns first, detailing future plant problems and identifying how we will be able to utilize the irrigation system to reach intended goals.

Irrigation is key to a healthy root system that is stress free. Lack of accurate water usage will increase plant disease and insect issues so evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your lawn and landscape is key to securing the best low pesticide approach we can formulate. A relationship guided on principle will help us work as a team ensuring you learn how to identify plant stress too and will enable you the ability to tweak the irrigation system as needed through Michigan’s fluctuating weather conditions.

When serious insects and disease do occur we have many state of the art tools at our disposal that allow us to directly inject pesticides into the trees without the need for traditional messy sprays. There is no better way to save valuable trees from serious pests than to inject the trees either in the root system or tree trunk and providing immediate control while at the same time protecting the environment and your family from exposure to pesticides.

We are most proud of our deep root feeding products which are at times combined as a smorgesborg of rich nutrients and some are even ORMI certified to be used on organic farms. Pushing growth isn’t our goal in a deep root feeding process so we don’t use cheap high nitrogen products as national companies tend to do. Instead our goal is to create thicker leaves, richer in color, more splendid in fall with more persisting flower shows without causing the plants to expend energy for mere growth.

Contact us today and request a landscape walk through if you’re interested in learning about your landscape’s health!